World War I Warfare Technology

Poison Gas

The purpose of poison gas was to kill mass amounts of people without having to be present. This means that a soldier could place a gas bomb anywhere, and if someone stepped or triggered the bomb, a gas would appear leaving the victim in agony until their death. The only way to survive this weapon would be to wear a gas mask.

Machine Gun

A machine gun weighed about 30-60kg and could fire 400-600 small-calibre per minute, which could do some major damage. Machine guns were one of the main killers in World War I. From being used on the ground, airplanes and tanks, it was hard to escape being shot. Even just peering an inch over a trench, one could be shot and killed by a machine gun.


Because the tank was a brand new machine, it was highly unreliable, but it did end the horrors of trench warfare. Tanks came from the idea of farming vehicles that could cross difficult land. This changed warfare because a crew of ten men with two machine guns and one light artillery gun was able to be on the tank. For the most part, these soldiers were protected from being killed while covering ground.


The purpose of the submarine during World War I was to serve as a combat role. These crafts were relatively small, but could carry mass amounts of cargo, along with torpedo tubes, deck guns, and many more items. This changed warfare because these ships were able to fire torpedoes at attacking ships as well as operate as scouts for surface warships.

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