Manuel Noriega

Derek Brecht


Manuel Noriega was the ruthless military leader in the country of Panama. At a young age he was adopted by foster parents. He had a good education and after that he ended up in a military academy and got an engineering degree. The leader of Panama Colonel Omar Torrijos promoted Noriega to higher ranks in the military. When Torrijos died in a plane crash, Noriega took control of the country. Noriega tortured  and murdered Dr. Spadafora who was trying to oppose Noriega. Noriega tortured him and beheaded him. Noriega also shut down newspapers to hide information that he didn't want the public to know about. When Noriega took control he wanted no one else to be in power, and if anyone opposed him, he would intimidate or even murder them. Noriega shutdown newspapers which was a form of censorship that he used.

Audio/ Visual

In this video it tell people who Noriega really was. They talk about how he was the military strong man but now he is a prisoner at war. Then the United States accused him of dealing drugs to teens in the united states. He was captured and brought to Miami and was convicted of drug smuggling. The commentator in the video states that there are no good qualities of Noriega. A dictatorial quality of Noriega is that he drew a line of mystery on his life to hid his true nature.

Creative Piece

I am going to be in trial in a week and I can't see myself in front of the jury admitting to them that I did something wrong. I only wanted what was best for the people and to get together and take back the panama canal. I feel that the United States was just trying to keep the canal to themselves so they can gain some wealth. I will have to try to convince the jury to reduce my sentence because I felt that I was doing the right thing.

Essential Question

How can it be justified that Manuel Noriega was a ruthless military leader.  

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