Edgar DelReal-2


Mark with eyes the color of a tiger,

Mark of the soft hair and skin smooth,

Mark whose name people can remember,

Is a boy that can be nice and smooth?

Runs in the yard all day,

Shakes people in soccer when I play,

Eats on food like pizza, salad, and other foods,

Takes the dogs for a walk,

Makes tricks on people and prank.

Arrives in school at 7:01 and tired,

Was busy doing the home work in class?

Has to stay in school for 8hr,

Today, like yesterday I ran 2 miles in athletics.

Mark inside a clean shirt,

That mouth that speaks every day,

That sweating wrinkled soccer jersey,

Is that keeps saying yes to every question,

Was the boy that is smart?

Were the several shoes running?

Is beside a wall when he’s waiting for his parents to pick him up,

Was the boy that grows up to be a soccer player?

A boy that friends will remember.

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