Video Production

Session 1

Session 1 I learned how to move the camera back and forth and how to panel side to side. I also got to record my first  video on news. And how to move the camera up, down, and zoom.

Session 2

Session 2 I learned how to edit my own videos. I also learned how to add a voice over to the video. And also how to edit/cut stuff out of a video.

Session 3

Session 3 I started working on my own play/video. it is about violence and how often it happens. I am just writing it now next session i will be perfecting it and then shoot it.

Session 4

in this session i explored communications technology.

i recorded my public service announcement.

Session 5

this session we learned how video is used to influence people. and wrote and story boarded a commercial.

Session 6

in this session i explored the history of video

an i Recorded my commercial

Session 7

in this session i explored federal communications commission regulates.

how to merge together each of the individual video production to CD

and final how to burn your final video production to CD


A news crew can use video production to make and edit a video. They will be able to make good news reports and cut parts of it. They can add music and adjust sound also if needed.

By: Nick Hoffman

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