Inferences of "This is a Pumpkin"     

By:Abby Levine  Tackk made by:Adam Perry

This is the costume ghastly and green, that max and his mom made for Halloween.

So max mom must have made him a monster green costume for halloween.

This is the principal, wild as the west, twirling his lasso, a star on vest.

So there must be a principal at the school who dressed up as a cowboy.

This is the party where children parade, after there cookies and pink lemonade

This is the pumpkin orange and bright, that sits on the sill and grins in the night.

So the pumpkin must bright in the night on halloween.

This is the princess who comes down the stairs.

So there must be a girl dressed up in a princess costume to go to the party.

these are the leafs that fall through the air, watched by the pumpkin orange and bright.

These are the creatures who march down the street.

So everyone who was at the party went to go trick-or-treating.

                             THE END

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