The Desert

Biotic- living things in an environment

Biotic factors include but are not limited to: Cacti, snakes, lizards.


Non living things in an environment

Includes but not limited to: temperature amount of light wind and sand.

Carrying Capacity

The amount of life an ecosystem can hold at one point in time.

For example a population of lizards that live In the desert would change over time because of the limitations of food, shelter, and water.

Limiting factors in the desert: not only are shelter and food limiting  factors but obviously water is a huge problem too. It is very scarce in the desert which lowers the carrying capacity because of some organisms dieing of thirst.

There being a lot of lizards in the deserts birds such as Hawks keep them in balance. This way the population of lizards are in check while the birds have food.

Energy Roles

Role      Organism      Food

Producer   Bush         Sunlight

1st level consumer      Rabbit     Bush

2nd level consumer      Snake      Rabbit

3rd level consumer        Hawk       Snake

Producers are one of the most essential parts of the ecosystem. Without them there would be no energy for the other organisms.

Food webs

Food webs are a lot more realistic because there will never be just one organism per tropic level in an actual ecosystem.

If you were to take away one level of organisms in an ecosystem, it would collapse. If one were removed the organisms above it would have no way to get energy to live.

Energy pyramid


Photosynthesis is a plants way of making its own food.mby taking in sunlight water and carbon dioxide the plant makes glucose which is used to sustain itself.

The chemical equations:

Going from the sun to the producer the energy goes from radiant to chemical and sometimes to mechanical


A tropism is basically and outside stimulus affecting a plant.


The plant is leaning towards the light naturally to get more of the light. this is called positive tropism. If it were leaning away from the light it would be negative tropism.


If there were no decomposers in the desert, most likely there would be nothing but waist. The soil would be terrible for agriculture because the nutrients would never get to the soil.

In the desert you can find many decomposers. Mostly you would find ants, beetles etc. a big misconception is that vultures are decomposers. That is false. they are actually scavengers.

Example of decomposers:


An adaptation is a change in an organisms physical traits or behavioral traits.

A few examples of Adaptations- All animals in the desert had to adapt to the brutal days with the hot sun. They did this by changing color to blend in or to deflect sunlight, or others could have had their coats thinned out to stay cool. Plants could adapt by extending their roots deeper into the ground to get water or being able to store water like a cactus.

The coyote in the picture has thinned out its coat to stay cool during the hot days in the summer. The cactus has adapted by storing water inside itself so it will be able to go long periods of time without water.

If you were to put these two living things somewhere else like the Arctic, or the rainforest they would not be able to live in those conditions because they have adapted to live in the desert. They would both probably freeze to death or be eaten on something higher up on the food chain.

Natural Selection

Natural selection is the process of nature weeding out the weak organisms to improve the living conditions of the strong organisms. Basically survival of the fittest.

EXAMPLE: There used to be a lot of dark brown lizards living in the desert. they would stand out in the tan sand. the population quickly died out because of predators being able to see them easily. Thus the population of tan lizards started to thrive. They were able to get all of the food without competition. The reason they were able to survive and thrive was because they were naturally selected to survive because they could easily camoflage.

This lizard's population was able to survive because of their ability to camoflage while the dark brown lizards were easy prey.

Well, that seems to be the end of this Tackk. Thank you for viewing.

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