Red Kayak Final Project

By- Safi, Varun, Brennen, Ayush       7-1


One day tragedy strikes the DiAngelo's! In Chesapeake Bay the red kayak sinks by what’s expected to be an accident. As after all the day was very stormy. Just before this incident Digger one of Brady’s best friends (the other one being J.T.) had decided not call out to warn the DiAngelo's about the danger. Brady remembered that Digger had held a grudge against the DiAngelo’s as Mr. DiAngelo’s had bought his grandfather's farm and tore it down for a cool new house. However Brady decided that he meant it as a joke and that's all and hadn’t realized how serious this actually was. During the incident Brady had saved Ben but in the end Ben has died. The protagonist is deeply hurt by this as he had baby sat Ben and cared for him. He decides to deal with the grief to help DiAngelo's but as he works he finds a drill with flecks of red paint. The same color as the red kayak. Now he is left wondering and is feeling confused of what happened, if it really it isn't an accident or had someone sabotaged the kayak, and just as his life took an upwards.

Information about the author

Priscilla Cummings is a 63 year old author of many other books, example: Autumn Journey, Saving Grace, A Face Fist, etc.. She is also a native of western Massachusetts, and she graduated at the University of New Hampshire.Maryland by the corsica river. The inspiration of her book came from something the moved her emotionally. Some other unique information is the she has a horse named Golden Boy and she once lived on a farm and loved animals.


The setting of this novel is in Maryland, Chesapeake Bay. Chesapeake Bay is an island that's close to Richmond and it has fewer crabs, oysters and fishers over the few years.


Brady: Brady is the main character of the story, and his two best friends are J.T and Digger, he's also really nice and kind and as the story progresses learns the importance of truth. He is also the narrator.

Digger: Digger is Bradys and J.Ts best friends, he is really strong and he is bad influence as he smokes, but one day he had saved Brady from sinking in a ice cold pond. Showing he has a good heart. In the beginning when he said he would deny the fact that he drilled holes in the kayak forever learned as well to tell the truth.

J.T: he’s best friends with Brady and Digger, he is a really nice kid and he is really religious and he's really shy. J.T as the story progresses becomes more brave and can speak in public.

Plot diagram


  1. The conflict of this very good mystery novel is that the Red Kayak of the DiAngelo's sinks. Benjamin a young three year old dies in the so called incident. Brady soon discovers that the kayak incident was actually not an incident but done by his two friends. Now Brady’s in a conflict with himself. What should he do? Tell the police the truth and get his friends in trouble. Or will he keep the secret and forget about the whole incident.

Major and Minor themes

  1. Greif: deep sorrow, especially that caused by someone's death. For example when Ben dies he is in grief and is extremely sad about his death. In fact a man created a stages of grief. They are (not in order): anger, bargaining, acceptance, depression, and denial. Brady seems to be going through these stages the most common one seeing is denial as Brady keeps himself from telling the truth as hes scared of what others will do. Friendship: the emotions or conduct of friends, the state of being friends. For example Digger got suspended because he beat up a bully for J.T because the bully put feathers in J.T’s locker. This shows how those two are very good friends. The truth: the quality or state of being true. For example Brady told the truth to his dad about what happened about the kayak and who drilled the holes in the kayak (J.T and Digger).

Review of the book

  1. We rate this book 4 out of 5 because it had lots of details, and it had a lot of suspense and it was very well worded. It even had a cool mystery and story, and she used descriptive words. The book kept our hook to keep reading and figure out what was next it used foreshadowing and flash back. First chapter it told us what Brady could have been doing if that never happened. J.T and Digger were Brady's best friends but maybe that will change at the end.

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