The Propeller was invented in 1827 by Josef Ressel, it was a screw on propeller which had multiple blades. He had tested the propeller in Feburary 1826 on a small ship, the ship was manually driven. He also used his bronze screw propeller on a steam boat. (1829)

What was it? Purpose?

The propeller is a long thin twisted pieces of wood that spins at very high speeds. The propeller is a shaped like an airfoil there is a pressure diffrence across the blade. The Purpose of the propeller was for the propeller to move an aircraft through the air.

Positive/ Negitive effects it had on people in the U.S?

Positive and negitive effects the propeller had on people in the U.S was, Stress for the pilots who were flying the air craft, because they were conserned about flying an aircraft that had a new propeller on the plane. Ronald Garros took an air plane with a loaded machine gun that was able to fire through the propeller. The propeller had a special steel armor plates being able to defeat his enemy. Garros made four more planes within two weeks, Garros became a national hero he had a total of five enemy kills. This was called the birth of the flighter plane. (1915) This was the first major effect the propeller had on many people. This also was a huge deal in World War I.

How does it work?

The propeller works by the blades spinning in a circular motion, the blades leading edge is a cutting edge that slices into the air, making the air flow lead over the side so the blade can still spin.

Todays propeller

The Propellers today have improved greatly, they are more stable, they have more power and way less flaws then they did when they were first built.

What impact did the advance in the technology have on the conflict between the nothern and southern parts of the United States?

The impact on the advance in technology had on the conflict between the nothern and southern parts of the states was, the war of 1812 was known as United States second war they both had propellers so they were able to fly there air crafts, the other people didnt know how to respond when they were being shot at from up above.

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