Freedom from Chains

Primary Source

In the book, Chains by Laurie Halse, she chose the primary source of “Declaration of Independence of the United States of America”in chapter 42, which made a connection with the story. For example in the book, The slaves are really in need of freedom and liberty, and America is currently at war fighting for their independence. Another example is in the primary source it talks a lot about wanting their freedom from Britain in which they go to war to hopefully gain that freedom and independence. What this means is in the “Declaration of Independence of the United States of America” it explains how the colonies want their freedom from Britain, just like how in the story the slaves want their freedom as being a slave and sold from owner to owner. Therefore in the book Chains by Laurie Halse, the primary source that she chose fit well with the story and it gives the reader a better understanding of how the slaves might be feeling.


The picture above represents freedom, and to finally break through the chains, (which in this case would be a law or the British) that have been holding the slaves or colonists back. It also shows how much power and force that had to be done in order to gain their liberty and freedom.

What is the Declaration of Independence?

The Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson and adopted by the Second Continental Congress, states the reasons the British colonies of North America sought independence in July of 1776.

How the Declaration of Independence contributes to slavery

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