Come to my country ,Mrs.Duff, By Camren P

Geography and Map

Mauritania is in Africa. And it is towards the north west. Plus it is one of the biggest states there.

Lifestyle Clothing/Food

The people who live there usually eat anything that they kill.Boubou are the things that they wear on special occasions. Plus they hunt for lion,rabbit,and fish.

Holiday Traditions and Activities

They get up early for Ramadan.That is a holiday they celebrate.Plus they get up around 5:30 in our time.

Government and Country Background/History

Moors from Africa migrated there. They are people that move a lot. Once they move to one place the move back.


Arabic is the official language. Most people speak that in half of the state. They believe in God.

Education and School

They say Grace before eating.There school your only lasts six yours.Then they are out of school and they go and live with family until they are old enough to live on their own.

Tourist Interest

The place is beautiful and kind of hot and it is close to the ocean.

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