By Daniela Mendiola, Diego Cortez, and Tyler Sherrod

Singapore Flag.

Singapore physical map

Singapore political map.

Brief History

- Singapore was founded in 1819 as a British trading colony.

- In 1963, it joined the Malaysian federation, but it became independent after being kicked out 2 years later.

- Singapore has now become one of the most wealthy countries with strong trading links internationally.

-They adopted their latest form of their constitution on December 22, 1965.

-Singapore remained under Japanese occupation for three and a half years.

Olden Singapore

Environment and Landscape

-The climate is tropical, hot, humid, and rainy.

-There are two monsoon seasons: the northeastern monsoon and the southwestern monsoon.

-The natural resources are fish and deepwater ports.

-Some issues the environment has are industrial pollution, limited land availability, and limited natural resources.

-Singapore is a focal point for southeast Asian sea routes.

Politics of Today

-They have a parliamentary republic.

- They gained their independence on August 9, 1965.

-The conventional long form of their name is the Republic of Singapore.

-The president of Singapore is Tony Tan.

- The prime minister of Singapore is Lee Hsien Loong.

Tony Tan


- Singapore's GDP is $445.2 billion (2014)

- Singapore's currency is the Singaporean dollar.

- The unemployment rate in Singapore is 1.8%.

- Singapore is the 14th largest exporter and the 15th largest importer in the world.

- Singapore's primary export partners are Hong Kong, Malaysia, US, Indochina, China, and Japan.

- Singapore's primary import partners are US, Malaysia, China, Japan, Indonesia, and South Korea.

Singaporean currency.


- 96.4% of the population is literate.

- 3% of the GDP is spent on education.

- Men are more literate then females.

- 6.7% of the youth population (ages 15-24) are unemployed.

- Students are guaranteed a world-class education by The Ministry of Education.

Children in a Singaporean


- The country has many religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Confucianism.

- 33.9% of the population is Buddhist.

- There is also a small amount of Christians and Atheists.

- 16.4% of the population have no religion.

- Most of the religions come from mainland Asia.



- Singapore is famous for their nightlife.

- People enjoy going bar-hopping late at night.

- Singapore has a variety of sports available for all ages.

- Singapore has gorgeous malls with fantastic items to shop for.

- Singapore offers a lot of spas that serve herbal & spa therapy.

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