Life of the Monarch by Noah Lively

The monarch's life held many responsibilities. Some of which are:

-He/she was supposed to give the lords land to give to the serfs so that the serfs could make food.

-He/she had to leave the kingdom to lead a battle if the battle was serious.

-They made all of the laws, even if they only benefitted themselves.

-The monarch would not take care of their own child very much. Most of the time a peasant was hired to care for the king's children.

-You were not allowed to marry someone who you truly loved most of the time. You would have to marry someone that would help your kingdom diplomatically

-The king would travel to the other manors and collect payment from them from time to time.

-To become the king you had to be born into it.

-If you were smart, but had no military ability then you couldn't become king.

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