Come and enjoy some family fun while fishing! Conroe,TX is crawling with fish!This event is west of Baptist Church and north of the Holiday Inn. We will be serving all sorts of different flavored fish and some yummy fruit! With all sorts of yummy juicy juice! You don't need a fishing license for this family fun event.Make sure to have  a fishing pole, bait,and ragged clothes.Don't wear a nice pair of shoes.Bring your tennis shoes!

For everyone it with a fishing pole


For everyone tickets are $2 a person.For the kids we will have a learning station for them to learn how to fish and the safety rules of fishing.We will also provide a baby sitting area.The baby sitting is only $5 an hour! The absolute location of this event is 31.0000 degrees N,100.0000 degrees W. We all hope to see you at this family fun event.

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