Bugatti Car Company
By Raza and Easton

Bugatti is a sports car company that was founded by Ettore Bugatti in 1909. The company has been making exotic sports cars for 105 years to this date. Ettore Bugatti died  in 1947, and his son died before him in 1939. Therefore, no one was able to take over Bugatti Car Company. Someone bought it because Bugatti used airplane parts in their cars and they were going to use those for their airplanes. Later on, the company was bought by Volkswagen Var Company.

Bugatti was founded after WW1 and temporarily ended after Ettore and Jean Bugatti's death.Jean's death was before his father, Ettore Bugatti. Since that happened, no one could inherit the company.Then it was founded again after Volkswagen bought the company in 1998. Since then, the cars have been improved very much. Bugatti is the leading super car companies in the world.

The documentary below is information about the newest Bugatti super car.

The 2011 Bugatti Veyron, the newest Bugatti, also shown in the documentary above
A VERY old Bugatti, one of the very first ones made. Compare both cars!

Answers to Questions:

1. Automobiles Ettore Bugatti.

2. It is a technologically advanced car that is faster than other cars such as a Mercedes.

3.  Ettore Bugatti started Ettore Bugatti Car Company in 1902. It was created because the cars in that time period were clunky and had many flaws. The Bugatti was almost flawless.

4. It was used like any normal car, but it was faster and more advanced than normal cars.

5. It was faster and aerodynamic than it used to be.

6. The Bugatti was a means for transportation.

7. In that time period, cars were very clunky and had many design faults. The Bugatti was created as an almost flawless car that could make transporting easier.

8. The Bugatti sometimes went out of control when you take it to its top speed, causing some accidents when it happened.

9. The Bugatti needed an advanced engine that needed to be made by combining two engines you find in airplanes. This is the use of engineering in the invention. Science was used in developing the car. Math was used to make the engine. Technology was used in everything for the developing of the car.

10. I would give it a speed thing to lower its speed if you go too fast. This can be optional.

Bugatti has only made a few cars since its "revival" when it was bought by Volkswagen Car Company. The Bugatti Veyron is one of them. It is named one of the best cars in the world. Below is a video showing a race between Bugatti Veyron and Lamborghini.