Percent of Change

Percent of change: The percentage that something/ or someone changed. Example- A person walked a mile yesterday and 2 miles today; the percent of change is 100%

What I looked into for somethings/ or someones percent of change is the tuition fees for collage students; both private and public.

Private Collage's Tuition
(4 years)

Private school ironically has the most expensive tuition prices. I kind of get that because more people would go to public rather than private. The percent of change for private school tuition (from 1997 to 2007) is  about 71.43%.  So in 10 years it rose about $10,000, that would mean about $1,000 per year.

Public Collage's Tuition
(4 years)

Public school actually has the least amount of money need for tuition. The percent of change for public school tuition (from 1997 to 2007) is about 100%. In 1997 the price was $3,000 and in 2007 it was 6,000. It has a larger percent of change than the private, but the numbers haven't rose as much as the private.

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