3D Quilt Piece Using Inkscape

Just like a regular quilt, only different.

The Space Octopods have escaped into the Third Dimension!

As we continue to learn about 3D Printing at DHF, we have moved on to our next project, which is all about creating a Quilt Piece in Tinkercad for our Digital Harbor Foundation 3D Quilt!

Its a lot of tiles.

To make my quilt piece, I started with a simple template:

Once I had the Template, I needed to think of an original concept for what I would do with it. Unlike the Keychain project, I had a lot more freedom to be creative. I decided I wanted to bring my Space Octopus into 3D, so I started looking into how to do that. Tinkercad is a powerful tool, but on its own, it offers a limited set of basic 3D shapes to work with. I wanted to make a 3D space Octopus, so I needed a custom shape. Luckily, Tinkercad can use the SVG files from Inkscape! I could just use my space octopus!

Not exactly...

The trouble is that while Tinkercad allows SVG shapes to come in from Inkscape, it does not accept more complex groups of shapes. My Space Octopus had too many parts! The solution was to break it down into individual SVG images for each part I wanted to bring in. I decided that I could make the eyeballs using Sphere shapes in Tinkercad, so all I needed was the shape of the body, and the background tentacles.

Shown together here, but the body shape is one SVG image by itself, and so is the group of darker green tentacles.

When I brought each shape in, they were much larger than the work area in Tinkercad, and I was prompted to set an Extrude Height, which adds thickness to the cut-out shapes. Once I brought both of them into Tinkercad, I scaled them down to fit on the Quilt Piece template:

Once the completed design was created, I downloaded it from Tinkercad and sent it to the 3D Printer at DHF. The finished piece looks good and is now a part of the quilt!