The Urgent Need for Redevelopment Planning - Karl Fritschen

Karl Fritschen is a professional city planner and landscape architect who has demonstrated a passionate devotion to the needs of the community cityscape. Ever aware of the changing nature of culture and society, Karl has identified the urgent need in the 21st century for effective urban re-development planners, professionals who can address the needs of a city environment with abandoned and blighted buildings and empty industrialized areas.

Karl Fritschen’s skills came into play in the redevelopment of an identified blighted area in Concord, NC. Karl Fritschen created a redevelopment plan for the Logan Community, part of a HOPE VI grant application. Concord and a local developer, experienced in similar projects in Charlotte, NC, were to form a private partnership to complete the project. Karl worked closely with a steering committee to guide his Plan program to fruition. Elements included various housing types for a mix of income levels: 56 apartment units, 46 duplex units, 6 quadplex units for seniors and 24 single family lots. Karl prepared his Plan as an overly on a GIs map base of the existing features, so that the public and officials could compare the proposed redevelopment with what currently existed.

Karl Fritschen’s redevelopment plan would utilize the space in ways which would maximize its use for varying income needs, and revitalize a long dead urban area. The Plan was well received at neighborhood meetings and by the City Council, and at the time of Karl’s departure, it was under review to receive funding from State and Federal agencies.

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