Stealing the Game

By: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Book Report by: Miles Ramee

This book was realistic fiction because the author despite adding a few impossible things, made the book almost real. The plot development is man vs. man because Jax (One of the main characters) needs to pay back Rand 10,000 dollars. Rand is willing to do whatever it takes to get the money from Jax. The protagonist is Chris who is able to save Jax from his loan against Rand. The antagonist is Rand, he will do whatever it takes to get the money including but no limited to, beating. The main characters are:

Chris~ A middle school kid who loves basketball but is flunking math and science

Jax~ A college student who went to Stanford than unexpectedly left. Before than he was referred to as the golden boy. He owes 10,000 dollars

Theo~ A kid who is almost like a detective and helps Chris discover what Jax is hiding. About him leaving Stanford.

Brooke~ A very smart girl who is also the richest girl in all of school. Who Chris finds that he has affection for. Four words I would use to descried Chris are: intelligent, courageous, private, and clever.

My summery of the book.

Chris's family didn't plan on having  two kids but they need another part of the human body for Jax to live. That is why Chris is sometimes called SP or spare parts. One day Jax returns home from Stanford and he brakes the news to his family that he flunked out. Now that Chris's parents hear that Jax was unsuccessful they start loading Chris with pamphlets about Stanford. The even got him a tutor for math and science named Hannah.The next day Jax informs Chris that if he can get a team together to beat Rand's team he will owe nothing. But of course they lose. Jax decides to rob a jewelry store to pay Rand back and it is successful. So the next day Jax gives Rand the jewelry. Then all of a sudden Jax is arresting Rand. Chris finds out that Jax is a police officer and flunking out of Stanford was a cover up. When Chris returns home he finds Hannah ready for a tutoring session. Jax to arrests Hannah and to his family's surprise Rand and Hannah were leading garage robberies. Than everything goes back to normal.

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a mystery and likes books that leave you at a cliff hanger. Something I noticed about the writing was the book was only told from first person from Chris's perspective.

One thing I noticed about the writing was that it was only told from first person. The whole story was told from Chris's perspective. I know this because the book uses I and me.

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