The Cookie Company:
Home Baked Goodies

By: Ellie Englert

Business Plan

With my business, The Cookie Company: Home Baked Goodies, I will be producing different types of home baked sweets, like cookies and brownies, along with other types of dessert treats, like chocolate covered strawberries, and chocolate dipped pretzels.  The cookies and brownies will come in packages of 12, with the option of switching between cookies and brownies to get the selection that you want, and the strawberries and pretzels will come in 1 lb containers. My main two treats I will be producing will be chocolate chip cookies and triple chocolate fudge brownies.

Business Plan Restrictions

I won't be able to produce more than 500 chocolate chip cookies a week and no more than 250 brownies a week. In my start up phase I can't spend more than $150 dollars each week. I have $10,000 to spend and can't use more than 75% on one product.

Business Plan: Costs and Selling Prices

The chocolate chip cookies will cost $80 per week to produce and the brownies will cost about $55 per week.

Each cookie costs 16 cents to make and each brownie costs 22 cents to make, so I can sell the brownies at $6 a dozen and I can sell the cookies at $4 a dozen, with the the combination box $5 a dozen.

Restrictions: Systems of Equalities

x=# cookies each week, y=#brownies each week

x≥0, x≤500

y≥0, y≤250




Business Plan: Profits

My profits will be the money made at my selling price minus the costs.

x=#cookies; y=#brownies




p= (6x+4y) - (1.92x+2.64y)

Maximize Profits

p= (6x+4y) - (1.92x+2.64y)

(0,200) P= (6(0)+4(200)-(1.92(0)+2.64(200))=$272

(500,0) P=(6(500)+4(0)-(1.92(500)+(2.64(0)=$2040

(-1225,1875) P= (6(-1225)+4(1875)-(1.92(-1225)+(2.64(1875)=$2478

(1250,1875) P= (6(1250)+4(1875)-(1.92(1250)+(2.64(1875)=$17,550

I will maximize profits if I produce 1250 cookies a month and 1875 brownies a month.

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