Impact & Launch Competition
@thespace at Wofford College

This weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to an astonishing event put on by The Space at Wofford College. Let me tell you.. it was an event that will be talked about for a long time!

This was their second time hosting the event and many of the attendees had one popular thing to say "WOW, I asked myelf how they could top last year.. the response to that rhetorical question WELL DONE!"

From the moment I walked into the event I was blown away. The elegance of the set up, the food, drinks, music, and an amazing network of people. It was all executed to perfection, it kept me entertained and asking how they were able to pull it off. So I did just that, I asked Courtney Shelton "The Director of The Space" How were you able make this such an amazing experience for the students, their friends & family, and the community in general?

" A lot of caffeine, junk food, and long days. haha. But seriously, it was important to us to create an event that matches the level of work the students are putting into their projects and businesses. We have students who are doing amazing work so are goal was to create an event at that level"

The top ten finalist were all so polished in their pitch deliveries and did such an excellent job! I personally wanted to invest in everyone of them, they won me over with there drive and passion towards their start-ups and projects. I was so impressed, I reached out to Jeremy Boeh "Assistant Director of The Space" and asked him how were your launch students able to win over the judges and the 200+ in attendance in a landslide fashion, in only a 3 minute pitch?

" From the conception of the idea we teach students the importance understanding and delivering not only the story of their project or business but also their personal story. The team in The Space works with every student to develop a well crafted pitch that has just the right amount of passion, storytelling and facts."

If you were not so lucky and were not able to attend, I highly suggest you check them out and get to know more about there projects and start-ups.

The Iron Yard was however very lucky and we could not be more excited to have two of the finalist and both 2nd place winners on the Impact side & Launch side to be joining us as Co-workers at our Spartanburg location. Megan Cornnell with Beach Cakes, who won a lot of hearts & appetites over at #SW_Spartanburg as well at the #InLcomp14 was the 2nd place winner on the launch side! We could not be more ecstatic to have her joining us at The Mill, her vegan cakes and cupcakes are just what we need to bring some healthy energy to our atmosphere. On the launch side the 2nd place winner Katherine Buchanan, Founder of the Purple Scarf Society will also be joining us! We are thrilled to have another great person, leader, and another Female Entrepreneur helping us build our community and atmosphere at The Mill. I know I speak on behalf of The Iron Yard and the rest of our Co-workers at The Mill when I say I cant wait to work along side of them, and to get to know them better!

If you want to hear more opinions from people that attended the event you can check out some social media shared throughout the event at the link below:


If not take it from me.. this was a GREAT time and something special to be part of! Make sure you check out not only the top 10 finalist but also all of the other students and their #AWESOME projects and businesses. Most of them, if not already will be on the map before you know it! These kids were some of the finest entrepreneurs I have had the pleasure of meeting.

Big ups to The Space, the students, the judges, and all involved in putting on this event. Thanks for letting The Iron Yard be a part and sharing some of your fine students with us!

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