Product 1

Introducing myself

  1. I I can read       
  2. I can play   Videogames  
  3. I can run   
  4. I can listen music
  5. I can draw   
  6. I can´t drink beer
  7. I can´t swim
  8. I can´t fly
  9. I can´t defeat the final boss
  10. I can´t be a cellphone

Present                           Past

1.- I could run more     1.- I can run

2.- I couldn't swim   2.- I can't sing

3.- I could sleep more     3.- I can use a cellphone

4.- I could talk     4.- I can sleep

1.- I was in my house   1.- I am a pro playing gamer

2.- They were at school   2.- I am a bitch

3.- She wasn't in my classroom     3.- She is a good person

4.- We weren't in the hotel   4.- They are a narcos

The Cathedral of Victoria city, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
is the second main building of the diocese of Victoriacity. It was designated 25
cathedral headquarters in 1962, to replace the Cathedral of Nuestra señor a del refugio,
whose temple currently holds the rank of Basilica granted by Pope John Paul II.
The floor of the temple, a Latin cross, has three bodies. On the cruise dome,
octagonal, with lintenrilla stands.
In the year 2014 he was consecrated by the Bishop Don Antonio González Sanzhez,
So Himself Were buried relics of St. Andrew the Apostle

I live in a house in Victoria city, Tamaulipas, its a very big houseand it´s nice,
have a livingroom,2bathrooms,3 bedroom, 1 kitchen, 1 dinningroom, 1laundryroom and a guestroom.
in thelivingroom has a a Tv, a sofa, an armchair and the videogame, my room it´s darknes (usually)in my room always be my cat, it´s so cute!, i have Comics,mangas,videogames, my bed and tv.
inthe bathroom has a toilet, amirror, a shower and stuffs. In they kitchen have a frigerator,a microwave (not working),
and food, i like the food.
I love my house fo rmany reason.

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