My Civil War Journal

By Max Drew-Caffin

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                                                      Civil War Union Soldier selfie


My name is Micheal Smith. I am a soldier from Illinois fighting for the union. I am fighting for the union because that is what the state where I live in is for and also I despise slavery. I hope this war can be over and I can stop fighting.


Ethan: do you want some goobers since you're wallpapered

Max: Bully, that bugger didn't me have any sheet iron crackers

Ethan: be careful, i had a quick step after I ate some of those.

Max: Thanks, this will calm me down after I skedaddled when I heard a hornet.

Ethan: I am as fit as a fiddle, lets grab a root

Max: BULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear mom, the camp I am at is located is in Illinois. The camp that we have set up is not like home. We sleep on the comfy grass but we also have to go to the bathroom on the grass. The only food we have are stale crackers. The camp is in the woods and we camouflaged it so nobody can see it. In the morning, we normally eat breakfast. After, we eat breakfast we usually have fun like playing cards at night, we take turns being the watch out if in case confederates try to attack us. When soldiers break the rules, we make march around the camp 24/7 until they pass out. Whenever I get to my home I always like my wife cooking my favorite meals to get me feel like it’s home. In conclusion, life in a camp is hard work.  

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Camp during Civil War with color


Jeremiah's part in the civil war will be fighting for the confederacy. Jeremiah in the war will affect the south who have most of the battles take place with not having as many experienced soldiers because Jeremiah lied about his age and he is not old enough to fight. So he wont help the Confederacy in any way. The battles will be gruesome and bloody because it involves tens of thousands of soldiers rising their lives. No because some groups might be encountered with heavily armed forces while some groups might not be encountered at all.

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Morning breakfast for Civil War


The Battle Hymn of the Republic song is for union. The tone is peaceful. The people are saying they are willing to die to make people free and that slavery are wrong. Another song is, The Battle Cry of Freedom was for the union. The song is energetic. They want to get people to join the army and rally together to beat the confederacy. Also the song Dixie is for the confederacy.  It is energetic and lively. They live on their land and they grew up on it. Also, the soong God Save the South is for the confederacy. The song is pleading and desperate.  Anther song is The Rebel Soldier and it is for the confederacy. The song is calm. He is saying he left everything to fight and he misses “Polly”. Also, Eatin’ Goober Peas is for the confederacy. The song is energetic. He really likes goober peas and he says they’re not prepared because they’re eating. Finally, When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again is for the confederavy and it is energetic. When soldiers come home and their wives and other family will welcome.

I have goober peas,

up to my knees,

Goober Peas, Goober Peas

Have a taste please.


Camp life is terrible and miserable. We get bored very easily and there are hardly any good food or good things to do for fun. However, there are a few things that pass the time. We pass time by singing by campfires or just snoozing. The food is disgusting but the cornbread isn't that bad and it is a lot better and has less worms or any other bugs in it like hardtack's do.  The recipe is 1/2 butter, 2/3 cup sugar, 2 eggs, 1 cup buttermilk, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, 1 cup cornmeal, 1 cup all-purpose flour, and 1/2 teaspoon salt.

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Fun during Civil War


The hospital where I have been staying because of my leg wound is terrible. Many doctors have little skill for surgery and the water is so rare for the army that the doctors cant wash their tools for their next patient. Because of that, many diseases have spread. Such as diarrhea which has killed the most out of all diseases. Not far behind that is typhoid fever. Then the rest have not killed as many but they are still a danger. I hope I will return home alive.  

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Illness during Civil War


My name is Max Drew-Caffin. I have fought for 2 years for the Union in the civil war. I watched many of my friends and family that have signed up for the army die around me. I cannot take this anymore. I finally decided to ditch my group and run home. I have no idea what will happen if I'm caught but it cant be worse than what I am going through now. I hope I make it home.

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Home during Civil War

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