Ancient China

Sui Dynasty

This is a picture of the Grand Canal.

The Sui dynasty was one of the great ancient dynasty's. Mostly during the sixteenth century with the rule of Wendi and Yang Di the had few great accomplishments.  One of these accomplishments was the Grand Canal. They built the canal with help from the slaves. It costed them a ton of money but many slaves died in the process. The canal was the longest man made water way at the time. It was nick named the "Artificial Nile."

                                                                 Tang Dynasty

Just when the Sui dynasty fell in 618, The Tang Dynasty came around. Some of their most famous rulers were Taizong, Wu Zhao and Xuazong. The capital was the Chang'an. They had a centralized government which ended up spreading across Asia and along with the government Buddhism spread. This age was known as the Golden Age.


                                                        Song Dynasty

Once the Tang dynasty fell in 907, the Song Dynasty came to power. They also had a centralized government. More markets and shops opened up in bigger city's because of how much trade they produced which helped their economy greatly. They had very good poets and were the first ones to make porcelain.

This is a map showing where the Song Dynasty ruled.
This is ruler Taizu. He was a great Poet. - Song Dynasty