Need a good book to read?

Well then read this one.

This is the first book I read of the hole year. It was defiantly in my top 5 favorite books!!The author is Lois Duncan.

Arter or before you read the book you can see the move too.

Read this book if you liked stranger with my face you will love this one!!!

This is the 2nd book I read all year it was just as good as Stranger With My Face or maybe even better!!!!

Fun facts about the author

1.  Lois  Duncan  grew  up  in  Sarasota  Florida.

2.Lois Duncan is also the author of 48 books.

3.She is best known for her young adult suspense novels.

4.Lois is married to Don Arquette.

5.Lois has five children all are girls.

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