fight for the Han dynasty!

You won't beat us, why not join us?

Fight for us and you'll look awesome like these guys!

(Just like Justin!)

And Why Shouldn't You Join Us?

•First if all, our leaders follow Confucianism, so unlike the harsh Legalists of recent times, they will be benevolent and listen to their people.

•We fight with advanced weaponry, such as crossbows, chemical weapons, catapults, iron swords with effective shields and spears made to perfection to overpower our enemies deficient strongholds

•You may also get stationed at our Great Wall!

•If you are injured, maybe maimed in battle, Jack's got your back by providing advanced medical care, including acupuncture, moxibustion, and several herbal remedies.

•After taking down some enemies, enjoy a high standard of living by using advanced tools such as paper to draw and write letters, cast iron cookware and burners to cook some great food including rice, glazed pottery to eat your food, including rice, out of, and improved lamps to see through the night, and mirrors to gaze at your victorious soul and your well earned battle scars.

•We also have a state academy to provide education so you newcomers can learn our ways to help the destruction of our adversaries.

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