Hi, my name is Jeff

Hi, my name is Jeff. I'm currently at the age 14.  I'm on the Union's side. I grew up in the state of  Maryland. The dates of this week's entry are from Monday July 20th to Friday July 24th in the year 1861. I live alone right now. The only people I've brought myself to care about since my mother was murdered are my father, Jesus, and God. My father is stationed in Virginia  right now.  My house is near the heart of Baltimore.

Monday July 20th, 1861

Since it's the beginning of the war; my father decided that I shouldn't be in the war since there is aplenty of men right now. I've mostly been working on our family farm, and working at our family fishing store "Wormies". This morning I woke up at 5:30 A.M. to milk our cows. Then I fed our horses some of our hay. I also fed the pigs scraps from my dinner last night. Then I ate me some fish I recently caught for lunch. This evening I went to our family fishing store. I helped this elderly man look for some specific bait he wanted. I sold some brand new rods to the rich man that lives down from my house. Then I had a small break to talk to my uncle about how the fish have been easy to catch lately. I locked down the store to head home. When I got home I decided to take some fish to the women who have been working hard to replace the men's work. When I got there one young lady asked me if I could help them move the wood, which was going to be used to make gun stalks, from the bay to the building. It took about a hour, but I was glad to be able help the war effort today. I went home, did my Bible studies, and then I went sleep.

Tuesday July 21st, 1861

This morning I decided to write a letter to my father. I heard that he could have been in the battle of Bull Run. My letter read:

Dear father,

I've been doing my best to take of the farm and "Wormies". I heard that you may have been involved of the battle of Bull Run. I heard that the Confederate's were able to win this battle. I hope and pray that your one of the lucky ones to make it to the safety of Washington. I'm upset that the Union right flank was broken. I heard that the retreat was very confusing of the narrow bridges, overturned wagons, and the artillery that was fired. I hope and pray you are fine. The newspaper articles read in the following order:

Advance of the Army of Invasion!





Your beloved son,

Jeff Dean Cull Jr.

Wednesday July 22nd, 1861

This morning, around 6:30 A.M. I went out by the bay to relax. I caught me some blue catfish. I decided I would fillet some of them for lunch later. Then I went and grabbed some of the hay in the field to store for the winter. I went to my freezer to grab some of the worms for "Wormies." While on my way I went down to where some of the women were working to  see if they needed any supplies to help them. They asked if I could go and feed some of their horses. I told them I would right after I ate lunch. I went home to eat lunch, then I went and fed their horses some hay. Then I asked them if they needed anything else. They had me chop some trees down. They also had me help make some uniforms. Then I went to "Wormies" and sold some  worms for the day. The rich man down the street came and asked me if I would catch him some fish for him to pick up later this evening. I told him I would for $15. We made an verbal agreement. I locked up the shop, and went to the back to the bay. I caught him some crappie. He came by to my house to pick them up. He said that he heard that my dad was in the war, so he gave me $30 instead. I was very thankful. Then I decided to go to bed.

Thursday July 23rd, 1861

This morning I received a letter form my dad.

Dear son,

I have successfully made it back to the safety of Washington. Thanks for praying for me son. I hope that the farm and "Wormies" is doing great. I'm sure it is since your the one in charge of it. I hope to see you very soon.


Your father

I was very happy to see this letter. I went down to the bay to show my only other family member other than my dad, my uncle. My Uncle was very happy to see the letter to. I heard that my father might have participated in the battle of of Fort Sumter. Even though the Confederates were able to win this battle, the men were greeted as heroes. I heard the men, while carrying their tattered banner, marched out of the fort and boarded a boat that ferried them to the Union ships outside of the harbor. I hope he made it back safely yet again.

Friday July 24th, 1861

This morning I woke up to see that Abraham Lincoln was elected as the new president of the United States. I was very pleased about this. There many reasons of why I'm pleased about this.

First, Lincoln says that he isn't an abolitionist, but most people, like me, strongly believe that he is wanting to get rid of slavery very bad. This is a major plus for the Union on their mission on stopping the evil, wicked slavery of the Confederacy. This a very big step in shaping our history.

Also, I think that this means that the Union will certainly win this battle! Abraham Lincoln is a way better leader than Jefferson Davis! Lincoln has traits like loyalty, confidence, and many other traits that make him as suited as the great George Washington to be president. I think this is just like a person getting an ace while playing blackjack! This is very bad news for the south.

Two headlines I've seen for this major event are:





Elected President!!"

New York and Pennsylvania go for Lincoln by large majorities

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