By:Alex Jacobs

Career Over View

~I Would like to be an industrial welder working in production factories or as a contracted welder for construction. Possibly taking profession up twards  the North Dakota oil fields for summer months then return to a part time job in my home are during winter months.

Career Outline

~Welding is a career with many different possibilities, from different areas to different tools there are hundreds of possibilities with the career field. Good wages and solid health benefits are highlights of the occupation

~The skills you may need to operate inside of this career you must have strength to move heavy metal tabs, a welder must also have skills to know what metals require what welds. Including many small scare skills to understand the operation of welders.

~As a welder many career conditions are available. From working inside shops to working on construction outdoors even working in aquatic environments.  you could also work in teams or alone it all depends on what route you take in the  career.

~Lowest 10 percent earned less than $24,720.
~Top 10 percent earned more than $56,130.
~Low 6% career growth
~Related field: cutters, solderers, and brazers

Career Education

~This career field no post high-school education is required but it is preferred for at least two years of generals or industrial arts (metallurgy, physics, chemistry, shop techs. etc.).

~High school classes do no limit how to be accepted into post secondary for this career but taking welding/shop classes is advised. Internship/apprentice ships are also effective ways to gain education for the career.

~while it is not hard to get entry level jobs without experience. A Range of certificates are available for the career such as Certified Welder, or Certified Weld Inspector.

The Right College For A Welder

~Faculty ratio of 18:1

~Red Wing MN or Winona MN

~GED or high school diploma required along with 20$ admission fee.

~2014-2015 rates at $167 per semester credit for all school expenses.

~Financial aid is available through Grants, Scholarships, Loans, Work Study and many other sources.

~No student housing or cafeteria. Both sites have health and fitness services available on campus.

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