Jackson Murray

  Life At Home

Dream Home (World's largest Mansion)

There is no other family as crazy for sports as the Murray family.  1st is my family, in my house is my Dad, Brian,Mom, Shelbi,Little Brother, Merrick,Aunt Kenzi and they don't live in my house but they are family, my Older Brother, Dalton, my older sister, Kayla and Me, Jackson. Next, my BEST friends are Daeton Bone, Chase Vanmeter, and Jake Verwers. Last,my neighbors are the Gonzalez's,the Fox's,and Noah, Jamie, Tripp, and, Snow. In my family we do football and wrestling then we also love to have family time when we have the chance on some Friday night we would do family game night.Yep the Murray Family with all these sports have a busy life. 

Sports Life

My Football Team, The Chargers
Staley Wrestling

Imagine a player with the catching ability like Tony Gonzalez and the quickness ability like Jaden Cox. What is like doing two sports that are really close together? It is some times really easy but like this year my football team went to the Superbowl so I had to miss some wrestling practice but I did football practice at Staley. The first sport is football my football practice days are Monday-Thursday and we have game days on Saturday. Next, is wrestling I have wrestling practice on Monday,Tuesday,and Thursday.That player that you are imagining is Jackson Murray.          

School Life

Fox Hill

Do you know the person who is as smart as a book? First, my amazing teacher is Mrs. Webber. I have 30 kids in my class and 2 of them are special needs. Last, we have been doing fraction in math and The Revolutionary war in reading. The title of the book is Jackson Murray. "5th grade is great." says Jack Scott and Cameron Perry  


Wrestling- The oldest sport there is and one of the toughest sports

Murray-Lord of the Sea

Revolutionary-A overthrow of a government or social order in a favor a new system