Announcments 04/07 - 04/10

Coin Wishing Tree

Well I turned another year older over the break. My birthday was actually on Easter, which has happened a few other times in my life. If you want to know how old I am you have to solve this equation:

2 x [(4 x 5) - 5] + 2 x (1 + 1) - 3 = Ms. King's age!

Moddle message me the answer when you figure it out! Remember your order of operations.

Anywho, I was going to post another class from other parts of the globe but I came across this lovely gem! It is called the Coin Wishing Tree. There are a few trees in the lovely United Kingdom where people would hammer in a coin to make a wish. It is believed that when a person wished upon these trees that they would be cured of their sickness. If a person pulled one of the coins out, they would then become sick!

If you could make a wish on the Coin Wishing Tree, what would you wish for?