Imagery: What sensory experiences does the song describe?

Auditory Imagery: I hear the drumming

Sight: I found her dead on the ground

Syntax: Where does the song use pauses, repetition, parallelism and/or unique sentence structure?

Repetition: Four dead in Ohio emphasizes the surprise shooting that happened.

Pauses: They pause to draw emphasis of how serious this event is.

Diction: What three words most impact the overall feel of the song? How our musical devices used to enhance specific words' meaning?

Three words: "Four dead in Ohio"

Musical Devices: The beat of the drum and the melody emphasizes parts of the songs like "Four Dead in Ohio" and "Tin Soldiers and Nixon are coming"

What is the subject of the song? Does it tell a story/declare a message?

How four student at Kent State were shot by US soldiers. Yes how US soldiers were sent to Kent University because of student protesting.

Tone through syntax, diction, and imagery

Hurtful, Shameful

Tone of Music

Content, Cheerful

By: Jordan, Olivia, Tatum, and Michaela

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