The word cliche' is a overused term or phrase. 

A person or character whose behavior is predictable or superficial.

  When terms become a cliche' most everyone knows the intended meaning. In writing they use cliches to prove a point. It is overused so everyone will know what the character means. Some examples include; easy peasy, easy as pie, once upon a time, apple of my eye.

Match the cliché’ with its definition
1. All bets are off __
2. You can take that to the bank__
3. Jump the gun__
4. Off the hook__
5. See eye to eye__
6. Sharp as a tack__
7. About face__
1. Any agreements that were made are no longer being considered
2. Change direction; go in opposite direction
3. Really good
4. To agree on an issue.
5. Very smart, or quick witted
6. You should believe what you’re being told
7. To begin before you’re supposed to

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