If the Atomic Bombs were not dropped, how would the allies have gotten Japan to surrender?
By: Daniel Salvucci

Invasion routes for Operation Downfall

The next most likely (and the original) plan to get Japan to surrender was an amphibious invasion code named Operation Downfall. This operation was so big it was split into 2 sub-operations called Olympic and Cornet. Olympic would have been launched in November 1945, and Cornet in March 1946.

A portion of the U.S navy

For operation Olympic in the initial attack, about 280,000 soldiers, 800 warships, and 3600 aircraft would be used. In Cornet, about 500,000 soldiers,and 2700 aircraft were planned for the initial landings. Overall the plan most likely would have worked, especially with all the forces freed up from the war in Europe. One of the most important things to be considered though, is the casualties . The estimated casualties for the Allied forces was around 1-2 million, about 500,000 dead. The casualties for the Japanese was estimated at over double that number.

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