Vaccinate your children

It saves their lives, and the lives of others

Why you should vaccinate your child

Imagine your child, on their deathbed with a fever of 106 degrees and their tiny little body covered in a horrible rash. Although this disease is preventable, your little baby was too small to receive the vaccine. Your child was counting on all the other children around him being vaccinated, but one older child in the daycare wasn’t, all because he parents thought that maybe getting a fever was too scary for their kid. And now yours lays dying. Vaccines are currently recommended for all children, and it is legislated by law that all children must get them. However, people can opt out of the law if they have any hesitation about the vaccines, sometimes for no scientifically-proven reason at all. This law needs to be changed. Law should require that all children who are medically able to receive vaccines should have to receive them.