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                                                                                                              Reese 1st 10/01/14

Chief Sustainability Officers

Being chief you supervise your co-workers, plan strategies for recycling and etc, you use tools such as: smartphones,computers,photocopy, and recording system like Skype. Making a wager of $82.50 hourly which is  $171,610 annual in Tennessee ; the highest in the U.S is $187,200 annually. Getting a bachelor degree is more likely making that annually wager is enough to last. This career is green because it creates correct budget,  Monitor and evaluate effectiveness of sustainability programs, and more like those.

General and Operations Managers

This career gets to deal with resale, overview,  planing management, promotions.They get an average of  $46.36 hourly which calculates to be  $96,430 annual. The green par of this job is the forestry and the energy they use which make them green.

Impact the Tech

These kind of people make the everyday life ,everyday. If we didn't  have those guys we would loose advertisement, a lot of stock, and progression.

Project Growth

Projected Job Growth its the estimated rate of change in the number of jobs for a given region over a future specific period of time. So in a state or country pay for job.

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