1) Brand image is developed over time  through advertising campaigns with a good theme.

3) when you buy a product, then the product is broken or destroyed you can go back to the shop and get a an other one for free from the guaranty you got. This is a type of sales service.

2) They would want a nice theme that structures helmets for building sites to attract people, and advertise it.                                                                                                                              

Get posters to get people to join the club.

4) A guaranty which allows the man come back to garage and get his tire fixed for 4 years guaranty.

5) They would want to improve the brand so more people is in trusted and attracted by the brand

6) A set of varieties of products that appeal to different market segments.

7)   Competition motivates water retailers like Business Stream to work with customers to achieve order by driving down costs and water use.


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