Iraq and Water

Why We Need The Water

This is the population in 2014 of the countries that share the Uphrates and Rigris River.

The population of the countries will grow overtime. This will affect the need for water because the Tigris and Euphrates rivers can barely provide enough water now for each of the countries. The countries may need to find another way to get fresh water. For Iraq, the population will grow and the water that we use for agriculture will decrease saverly impacting our economy wich is based off of agriculture.

The graph above shows the amount of water that Iraq has(renewable) compared to how much water they use(withdraw). There is a big difference between the two. Most of the water we use is for agriculture.

This graph shows the water that is in Iraq, the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, compared to the water that surrounds Iraq. There is very little in Iraq to use for agriculture which is a big part of our economy. The external water is all salt water which we can not use for agriculture.

In conclusion, we need more percentage of the rivers because we need the only fresh water available to us for agriculture and to keep our economy stable. We do not want a fallout of our country.

Iraq's most pressing water needs is for agriculture so they can keep a stable government. We still do need money for agriculture and recreation, but agriculture is the most important thing. We need more percentage of the rivers.

In conclusion, we need more water!!!

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