Tejas Jivan

Tejas Jivan: High School Athletics

To be an top athlete, one must put in a considerable amount of time, energy and determination. When it comes to being a great competitior, it doesn't matter what type of sports you are involved in says Tejas Jivan. In any type of competition, the other athletes are working just as hard as you to win. It requires you to always stay at the same level of intensity or beyond just to be prepared for the moment of truth. Tejas Jivan is very greatful for athlectics, and credits it for helping him to be disaplined.

Over the years, Tejas Jivan achieved a great amount of success in high school athletics, and fully comprehends the steps that are needed to get mentally prepared. It takes a lot to prepare for a big games or competition. He was ranked as one of the top tennis players, and was a former soccer team captain. He knows how difficult it can be to get yourself pumped for the next big game, and that it's through maintaining the right attitude, focus and mindset that you can overcome any obsatcle that comes your way.

According to Tejas Jivan, Successful athletes understand how to prepare and then achieve realistic goals. They know that you must first invest a considerable amount of time, effort and persistence to meet these goals. He has felt that the two biggest components foudn in all successful athletes is both optimism and perseverance. Tejas Jivan fully belives that his success in sports helped to assure his success in the world of academia.

Tejas Jivan - Importance of Athletics

Tejas Jivan was a great athlete, who excelled in both soccer and tennis, and he greatly appreciates the time and experience obtained during those years. He credits high school sports for helping him to learn and master many life lessons. He is someone who experienced much success as an athlete during his time in high school, and was very versatile, competing in multiple sports. Tejas Jivan was always a great example of a team player and dedicated himself to consistently adding value and talent to his teams through hard work. He had the ambition to consistantly lead his teammates to te championships.

In 2010, Tejas Jivan was the Captain of Columbia High School’s Junior Varsity Soccer team, a position he held with honor. As captain he consistanly gave his teammates the drive and direction they needed to work well as a single unit and go on to championships. He helepd the team succeed mainly due to his leadership capabilities and his mentoring spirit both on the field and off. He was recognized by teammates and the teams coaches as someone who could keep his team prepared and focused.

Tejas Jivan was a stellar tennis player in high school as well, ranked number two in his school. He was able to compete iand win in various regional competitions alongside his fellow Columbia High School classmates. His skills and expertise as a tennis player earned him the prestigious Most Valuable Player Award during a regional competition. Tejas Jivan has always shown great ability to perform in some of the world's most competitive athletic sports.

Tejas Jivan - Getting into Medical School

Tejas Jivan is a high achieving student academically, who is well on his way to getting into medical school. Currently he attends the University of Florida, where he maintians a high GPA and belongs to one of te top faternities. He credits much of his academic succes to the lessons he learned in high school on how to prepare for each class and stay focused on results. Soon Tejas Jivan will have to take the MCAT, which is crucial for getting into medical school. This test is just one step in a highly competitive field.

Tejas Jivan has learned and studied extensively on the steps he must take to even be considered as an applicant for a good medical school. He needs to first know how to approach the admissions board, then to write a great personal statement (AMCAS essay), obtain strong letters of recommendation, plus all medical students have to maintain a high GPA in order to get into the medical school of their choice.

Tejas Jivan has a couple of schools in mind and has therefore studied vigorously on the requirements for getting into each school. He knows how to adequately prepare and understands what the admissions board is looking for, making his chances of success greater than many others. Over the past few years, medical schools have increased their enrollments in order to offset the anticipated physician shortage. Even with those extra spaces, he knows all to well that competition for spots will still be tough.

Tejas Jivan - A Dedicated and Motivated Student

Tejas Jivan

Tejas Jivan is a hard working, dedicated, and highly motivated individual with the proven ability to make his goals a reality. He is currently a student at the prestigious institution known as the University of Florida at Gainesville is attending classes within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. His main focus currently is in the field of biology and hopes to obtain his degree within the near future. He fully intends to use his newly found knowledge in biology and other studies to pursue his career goal of becoming a prominent professional within the medical field. He is highly committed to his future in professional in the medical field and will do what it takes to become successful. Tejas has always been very goal oriented and has dreamed of becoming a prominent and successful medical professional since he began his high school education at Columbia High School in Lake City, Florida. He is a member of the prestigious American Medical Student Association, which means he has already made himself known to the medical world. He is also a member of the fraternity called Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Florida in order to create and maintain valuable professional relationships that will last a life time. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling whenever possible. He has been to much of the known world already and was even able to attend an African safari.

Tejas Jivan is a highly dedicated student with the talents and abilities necessary to fulfill his professional dreams. A member of the fraternity chapter called Sigma Alpha Epsilon, he has already started planning for his professional future in the medical world. A member of such an organization with other members living all around the world, he has secured connections and valuable relationships that will last a life time. He will never find himself in a place where he does not have some sort of professional connection to a fraternity member. Tejas Jivan is also a member of the prestigious organization known as the American Medical Student Association. Although he has not yet graduated from his undergraduate program in biology, he is already planning for his future medical training. Being a member of the American Medical Student Association already gives him a name in the medical field before he even starts his professional training.

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