Fryda's Music Memory List

W.C Handy

William Christopher Handy grew up in Alabama. In a log cabin with his parents who were minister’s and very poor. Handy had saved up to buy a guitar. His father had said that it was the devil’s music. He believed all music, except for the church, to be sinful. Handy had noticed that making music is just what he had to do. In school days, Williams played with a band and also sang in a quartet. When William graduated he left his home, hoping to earn money for college. William took many different jobs. And then he became homeless and hungry. William had heard a man singing to music of a guitar,he asked the man if he could show him what he could do. While he traveled he began to hear them more often and started singing and people loved it.

Later he joined a band and went all around the USA playing with his band. While playing in one of his concerts he noticed his father in the crowd, his father got up and said that the leader of the band was his son and forgives him for saying that he couldn’t become a musician. William noticed that if he started composing and selling songs he could earn money and he can become successful, but he only got a little money.

But William tried his best to earn money to be able to become successful. If anyone didn’t know who was William Christopher Handy i would tell them all about him and i will include that he was a really good man. My opinion on the blues, i love their music just that the type of music is not my type but i would actually like listening to it. And its also amazing how they can travel all around the world and most of people do that but with blues it’s actually really amazing.

Carl Orff

  • He was from Germany
  • Create Orff instruments for elementary music classroom
  • His music school was bombed during World War II - thankfully the school was closed
  • Compesed during the Modern Period
  • Founded a school that focused on movement and music
  • Carmina Burana is his most famous composition

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