Welcome to Maximizing Math Online Resources and Apps in 4th & 5th grade

Math Tech
Who is the hardest working person in your classroom?

Something to talk about:

1. What is technologies role in your math class?
2. What do you want the role to be?
3. Is it currently what you want it to be?
4. Why not? What are the barriers?

Goals for our session:
1. Find one tool that makes being a teacher easier
2. Experiment with 1-2 new tools
3. Evaluate and compile available online resources

Start with establishing digital literacy norms-
1. Establish clear expectations
2. Teach keyboarding short cuts
3. Maintain high expectations
4. Expect completion or submission
5. Start with MICROSOFT products

This cheat sheet came from: www.nhireland.ie

To respond or reflect

Exit slips as informal or formal assessment are great tools to gage understanding and modify instruction to plan for students needs. Below are 2 simple examples using Google Forms.

Use Today's Meet, Padlet, or Socratives to post questions, problems or a place to respond.

To Assess


Excel survey to correct HW. It works the same as a Google Form.

To create something-

To practice skills

Here is where we discuss various sites:


Evaluate the resources using the form below. You will be able to see the responses of others.

CCISD's math resource

I love iTools!!
Mega Math Games
(waiting on the TEK alignment document, will post when I receive it)

Teacher Resources

Provided to me from Lead4ward @CAMT

To study

Study Stacks
St Blue

Advanced techy tools:
To collaborate using Office 365

Defend your thinking
Evaluate a response
Critique a solution

1. Post a problem allow time to complete using Office 365 (graph paper, stylus and draw tools).
2. Share your thinking with a peer using email, screenshots, or built in share feature.
3. Allow for feedback and respond appropriately (teacher will need to establish norms for this process).

For the advanced techy:

Advice from CAMT-Alan November

Consider student produced video tutorials (jing.com {search tech smith} screencastomatic, or community clips)

Suggestions on the possibilities of integrating tech👇