Welcome to Ms. Taylor's

Elementary Physical Education & Health Class

                  This year we will be introducing some new technology to the classroom.

                                                               Introducing First

ItsLearning is a great way for me as a teacher to communicate with students and parents. I will communicate through ItsLearning so parents are always up to date. I will also post any homework assignments i give out as well as lessons on days students are absent. Please keep up to date with this website for your convince and mine! It can be used from your computer or any smartphone device by downloading the app.

Up Next..

Flickr is a great application or online tool that can be utilized for any class. In our P.E. and Health class we will utilize it to show our family members the fun we are having being physically fit in P.E. We will take pictures of class sessions and games and activities that we participate in during P.E. and Health. Also I will have students create their own accounts and use for extra credit opportunities. This could be anything from take a picture of you and a friend after a light jog around the neighborhood to walking your dog around the subdivision with a parent. Take pictures to show that you have been physically active outside of the classroom/gym.

Last But Not Least

Edmodo will be used during Health class. We will use this application for taking polls and in class quizes. It can be used on any smartphone or tablet. We will use this on BYOD days.

       If any parents or students have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

Happy New School Year!

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