Galen is a doctor that brought many medical ideas.

Galen was the most famous doctor in the roman world. He was born in the Pergamum, 130 AD. He studied in Greece, Alexandria, and other parts of Asia minor. Then he came home to Pergamum and became chief physician for the gladiator school. Later Galen moved to Rome and then spent the remainder of his life in the Rome capitol. He became physician to the emperor Marcus Aurelius. He then died in the year 200 AD.

Galen homeland

Galen's Medical Ideas

Galen started to dissect pigs and apes because they had the closest organs to humans. When he dissected the pigs and apes he would examine there bone structure and muscles. Galen was also interested in dissecting a human but there is no real evidence that he actually did dissect a human. But although he didn't dissect a human he steel studied the movement of blood.

Galen's Job

For most of Galen's life he worked as the doctor of the gladiators. He had to pull out tiger teeth from there body's and broken sword pieces. He was also a doctor in many other places but doctor of the gladiators is much more interesting. In his free time of work he would dissect pigs or monkeys. My opinion is that he had a sad but cool job.

The Power Galen Had

Galen had a great influence on Rome for his medical help.I think  of Galen as a leader.