How much do surrogate mothers cost in India

The cost of surrogacy and surrogate mothers in India is always a rough estimate. Unlike buying some service where a cost is fixed, in the case of surrogacy, the actual cost might differ slightly with the initial estimate or you could have a major difference.

The current estimate is $30,000 and it includes everything from consultation to accommodation. However, if there are any emergencies, the costs could escalate. While it is true that emergencies are rare and chances of it are reduced due to extensive pre-screening, emergencies can and do occur and therefore it is best to be prepared.

Inclusions in the initial cost projection include:

1. Consultation and Recruitment of Surrogate Mother
2. Screening and medical tests for donor and surrogate mom
3. Preparation of the Surrogate mother
4. Lab fees for IVF Cycle
5. IVF Drugs, Injections and monitoring
6. Surrogate mother's reimbursement
7. Housing and food (for the surrogate mom) for 9 months
8. Social workers compensation for services during 9 months
9. Antenatal costs
10. Medical Insurance
11. Maternity care in a hospital
12. Accommodation (VIP)
13. Free one time Indian egg donor usage (VIP)

Initial payments

No matter which Egg Donors India clinic you go to, there will always be an initial down-payment. Typically, it is about a third of the total fees. You would generally be asked to make half i.e. roughly $5,000 at the time of requesting for the surrogacy service and another equal amount at time of obtaining a medical visa.

The initial deposit is utilized to pre-select and prepare the surrogate mother, Surrogacy in India, pay deposits at clinics, arrange for your stay and so on.

Once the program starts, you will usually be requested to pay the balance i.e. roughly $20,000. This amount is utilized mainly to pay compensation to the surrogate mother (they have to be paid upfront), to pay for her stay and food and to pay for the maternity care.

There are also some social workers involved who provide pre and post natal care. They need to be compensated as well.

A small part of the payment is utilized towards doctor’s fees, insurance premium and legal fees (for drawing up the surrogacy agreement).

The $30,000 estimate does not include any kind of emergency costs or transport or legal fees other than fees paid for drawing up the surrogacy agreement. In almost all cases, clients go away happy having spent only $30,000 for hiring a Surrogacy cost India.

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