The Xbox One vs. The PS4

By: Shreya Tamma :)

Double - Line Graph

This is my double - line graph, and it compares the Xbox One with 15 games to the PS4 with 15 games and 15 instruction manuals. As you can see, both the PS4 and the Xbox One cost the same when bought with 10 games each. The 11th game is where the Xbox One is $10 cheaper than the PS4; the Xbox One costs $1159.88 (the console with 11 games), whereas the PS4 costs $1169.88 (the console with 11 games, and an instruction manual for each game).

Price of the Xbox One with 0-15 Games

Price of the PS4 with 0-15 games (and a $10 instruction manual for each game)


The equation for the Xbox One: c = 499.99 + 59.99g

The equation for the PS4: c = 399.99 + (59.99+10.00)g

(c = total cost, g = number of games)


Christmas is coming up, and everyone is in need of presents! Electronics and video games are growing in popularity, and there are 2 new video games that everybody wants: the Xbox One and the PS4. But you ask, "Which one should I buy?" In the graph above, you can see that the console for the Xbox One is approximately $100 more expensive than the console for the PS4. If you plan to buy 9 games or less, I recommend that you should buy the PS4 since it is cheaper. If you plan to buy 11 games or more, you should probably stick with the Xbox One; it will cost less than the PS4 will. If you plan to buy exactly 10 games it is up to you which one you want to buy, since the PS4 and the Xbox One cost the same when you buy 10 games. Ultimately, I think you should go with the Xbox One; while researching, I found out that the average American family buys about 15 games for their console. As newer and newer games come out, you will want to buy them. Therefore, it will be very difficult to restrict yourself to 10 games...

Good luck with your Christmas Shopping!

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