Electrical Engineer

James H
9th Grade
Mrs. Edwards
Hunt High School

Project Purpose-Become more familiar with a potential career and a college that would allow me to get this degree.

Sources: www.unc.edu www.bls.gov

Ultimate Goal is to become a electrical engineer

A description of this career: Research, design, develop, test, or  supervise the manufacturing & installation of electrical engineer.

I might want to pursue this career because: It interests me very much.

Beginning Salary: $50,000
Highest Salary: $91,415
Average Salary: $87,770

Years to reach goal: 4 years

Degree Required: Bachelor

College:UNC Chapel Hill


Not living on campus: 23,357
Living on campus: 22,681

Ratio of undergraduate students to teachers at the college: 14:1

3 other college choices: 1. Wake Forest 2. NC State University 3. Stanford University

Is high school chemistry required? NO

Will Chemistry be required to earn a degree? NO

GPA  Required: 3.7

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