Industrial Revolution
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By: Elle Taylor

Battery: When was it invented?

The first battery created was made in 1800, by Volta. It was known as the "Voltaic Pile".

What is a battery? What does it do?

Batteries are containers that convert stored chemical energy into useable electrical energy. Batteries are used when electricity cannot be produced. They store energy inside of them and they produce it when an electric charge is connected to it. (Like a micro power plant)

Positive & Negative Effects

Positive: This impacted the nation by allowing people to have electricity through portable containers.

Negative: Batteries can be harmful to the environment.

How does it work?

The have three parts. The positive (cathode) and the negative (anode) ends are hooked up to an electrical circuit. The chemical reactions provide energy to the negative side and create electrons.

Today's Inventions

Rechargable batteries, car batteries, and phone batteries.

What kind of conflict did this technology have between the north and south?

The southern states were based on agriculture and the north wasn't. This advanced the north more in the 'newer' technology then the south.

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