Industrial Revolution


           When we put on our cloths or turn on our cars and go drive on the road, we don’t think twice about how it was made or where it started. Most inventions started in the industrial revolution time period, things like the machine to make your clothes, the car and assembly line to make your car, or the tar to make your road. Inventions are what started the road to our future, things such as the cotton gin. The cotton gin was able to separate the cotton seeds from the raw cotton fibers. To make cotton for clothing all you needed was the cotton gin, now very few or no slaves were needed to pull cotton. Other things such as the printing telegraph was later made into the fax machine which now, nearly every business has. The fax machine was not an original idea it was just expanded and revised from the printing telegraph. Other things like the talking doll were invented in the industrial revolution time period. This toy may not have made a huge impact on technology, but it did provide countless hours for children at play, which (in my opinion) is just as important as any electronic or machine then and now. Sure, the industrial revolution had tons of downfalls like child labor but the overall gain from the ideas and machines created were substantially commodious.

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