It was just a dream

By: Mareli Vega

A challenging adventure

As he came closer and closer to the waterfall in, in Niagra Falls, cold blood rushed Sam's body. All Sam, who was clumsy, could think of what was to swim and swim as the blazing sun made sweat roll down his red cheeks. He hoped to make it through.

But just as he thought he was going to fall over the waterfall, Sam's friend Pablo grabbed for his collar trying to save him. Sam's whole life flashed before his whole life. Unfortunately he could not catch him in time. Sam thought he was going to die.

As Sam was falling he was able to grab on to a branch. As he hung there, second by second the branch began to brake. Sam was terrified the didn't know what to think. He closed his eyes waiting for the branch to brake completely. The branch snapped and when Sam was falling, he had awaken from an adventures dream.

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