Life with no parent...

Made By Nate Machen :P

Stories about losing a parent is everywhere. in media, literature, everywhere. children,teenagers, even adults go though this in their lives.


In a story about a boy grows up to a grown man. Oedipus Rex, the main character of Oedipus the king. He was brutally hurt with punctured hands and feet and was saved by a man and was raised as a prince. then one day he was crossing a trail and saw a man on a horse. He thought royalty goes first on the trail so he killed the man. Days passed, a messenger told him that he killed his father. His mother Jocasta didn't want to let Oedipus know that he was adopted. Jocasta hung her self in her room. Oedipus faced this really hard that he, him self killed the man who gave birth to him


In a poem called "Scars" by Peter Meinke was about a young boy that looked up to his father. the father had scars all over his body and the boy was amazed by them. some of them are long some are short. later on the poem. they were both playing baseball. the boy hit a pop up flying straight up, the father was going to catch it and then the bat cracked his chin and he was "dropping my father like a murdered king" and made the boy stunned of what he has done to his father by accident. He didn't know how to react when he sees his dead father on the yard.


A Trophy Fathers Trophy Son by Sleeping with Sirens is a song about the lead singer Kellin Quinn (picture below) has spend years with out his father and is wonder where he is. "Father Father, where have you been?" he wanted to know for many years and so he made this song to show how he feels about he misses his "Father."

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