First French Association to fight against Aids

AIDES is a French company founded in 1984 by Daniel Defert. It’s a company that has no religious affiliation, neither any political or scientific beliefs. Everybody is welcome for help and nobody gets rejected. ‘’ It is a place of reflection, non-judgment, confidentiality and anonymity.’’ This philosophy made them the leading HIV/AIDS organisation in France. They are present in more than 70 cities excluding their multiple partnerships with other countries and companies that follow this movement.

They have numerous numbers of campaigns and publicities. The one I’m sharing with you is named ‘’Willy graffiti’’. It promotes the use of protection before sexual intercourse with an advertisement that will make some of you laughs… It starts off a bit strange witch makes you want to continue watching and it ends with a very simple message. I think it’s brilliant because the target audience goes from teenagers to young adults and a lot of people could easily refer to this.

The main objective of AIDES is the same that it was in 1984. They want to ‘’Change the society by mobilising people concerned by HIV/AIDS and leading actions to support these people’’. They also want to prevent the spread of the virus.

Infected people face a lot of difficulties and not only with the virus. They are usually rejected by society, the cost of their treatments and medicine is extremely high, which creates social and financial insecurity. All of these facts can make some individual ‘’very vulnerable and favour the rapid spread of the virus’’.

AIDES is still in function and is still in the fight, the only thing missing is your support.

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