Beautiful Star Deneb

By:Kyanah Hughes
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Deneb is the 19th brightest stars in the entire sky. Deneb's absolutes magnitude is -8.73 and its distance is 3230 light years.  One thing that is amazing about Deneb,  is that along with other bright stars like Vega and Altair are in the Summer Triangle. You would never believe that Deneb has a temperature of 8525°. Deneb has a common color for a bright star. The color has a blue-white color.

Deneb is a distant but is a very luminous star. Deneb is part of well known star patterns. One example is the Cygnus the  Swam and Deneb is marking the swans tail. The name Deneb originates from the Arabic Al  Dhanab al Dajajah and that means tail of the hen. That goes back to the constellation Cygnus the Swan. Deneb is not one of the larger stars like Betelgeuse but Deneb is can be known to be the most energetic according to he electromagnetic spectrum, Deneb produces a great amount of radiation. Deneb holds it's place being a star because it is one of the brightest an energetic. Deneb is a star that you won't forget.

Cygnus the Swan Constellation

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